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What Other Evidence of Our Marriage Should We Bring?

Your relationship is not just about joint assets and liabilities. It includes many personal experiences that serve as evidence of your relationship. Your experiences with one another as well as friends and family can often be proven. Examples include:

  • Evidence of trips you have taken together or to visit one another, including receipts for hotel, stays, car rental, plane tickets, or excursions together, etc. You may also show corresponding passport stamps or visas if they were used for the trip.
  • Evidence of any correspondence between the two of you, including letters, birthday, anniversary and holiday cards, phone bills, email, Facebook, or any other social media conversations. If the correspondence was through postal mail please bring the postmarked envelopes as well as the card or letter itself.
  • Receipts from gifts that you bought for one another. Particularly for any wedding or engagement rings
  • Evidence of wedding-related expenses or correspondence with vendors such as wedding dress, groom's suit, catering, flowers, etc
  • Other evidence of the wedding such as invitations, religious certificate, or newspaper announcements as well as wedding photos
  • Birth certificates of children born into the relationship or medical records from a doctor that says you are pregnant or are seeking fertility treatment.
  • Photographs that show both of you together, preferably with family and friends. 
  • Detailed affidavits from friends or family members attesting to and providing details about, your relationship. We have found these affidavits are given greater weight if the affiant is someone in the clergy or a government official of some sort. 

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