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Deportation and Removal

Don't fool yourself... if you have a case before the Immigration Court it's because immigration is trying to deport you. There is no other reason.

How We Can Help: 

Defending You From the Charges - When you appear in court a highly experienced attorney representing Homeland Security will always be there to try to convince the judge to order you removed and deported. 

They are not there to help you, they are there to try and get you deported. That is all that they do. All-day. Every day. They handle thousands of cases and are very, very good at what they do. 

The problem is ... not only are you completely unequipped to fight their experience, expertise, and resources, most lawyers are also not properly trained and equipped to stand up to Homeland Security.

Applications for Relief from Removal - Even if Immigration can prove the removal charges against you, the case is still far from over. There are many different applications that you can file that would still allow you to remain in the United States Quite often we have clients who qualify for more than one application for relief at the same time. We have the skill and expertise to determine which of those applications apply to you and the best strategies for getting a Judge to approve yours.

Appeals - Even if all else fails at the Immigration Court and the Judge orders you removed you can still appeal to a higher court (The Board of Immigration Appeals). The proper filing of an appeal immediately and automatically protects you from deportation.

Mr. Forman is one of the few lawyers who can give you a fighting chance. This is because he is one of the few lawyers that has handled thousands of cases in the Immigration Court over the past 40 years.

It's a scary time when the full force of the United States government is focused on removing you from the country. You walk into a courtroom against a government attorney backed by all the resources of The Department of Homeland Security. An attorney whose job, day in and day out, is to persuade the judge to order people deported.

There are no plea bargains. You are left with only two choices. Fight to remain here, or give up and accept deportation with the very real probability that you might never be allowed to return to this country ever again.

This is not a situation where you want to rely on a general practitioner who does a real estate closing one day and a traffic ticket the next.

This is not a situation when you want to rely on a young, inexperienced attorney with only a handful of cases on his resume.

This is not a situation where you want to rely on the advice and strategy of those who prey on the immigrant community when they aren't even attorneys. The thousands of people out there who will take your money even though they don't know any more about Immigration law than you do.

When you are staring across the courtroom at a Department of Homeland Security attorney who has litigated thousands of deportation and removal cases you need an attorney beside you who is equally (or more) experienced. Mr. Forman has litigated thousands of deportation/exclusion/removal cases. He has lectured on Immigration law for The Florida Bar and The American Immigration Lawyers Association. He has been a frequent guest on radio shows and written legal newspaper columns. He has been trusted by thousands and you owe it to yourself to get informed, professional, and skilled advice and representation during this crucial time.

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