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What is Temporary Protected Status (TPS)?

Immigration protection can come in many forms. Temporary Protected Status (TPS) is a federal program that provides certain types of protections to individuals from countries experiencing temporary political or social unrest, such as war and natural disasters. An individual who has been granted TPS can't be detained by immigration officials for his or her status in the United States; however, he/she must still register with U.S Immigration Services if they wish to maintain their eligibility through this program.

 In order for someone to be eligible for TPS, they must have been already living in the U.S. when disaster struck their home country or meet other criteria such as continuous residence and employment requirements- all of which are determined by the Secretary of Homeland Security's discretion on whether each circumstance qualifies for TPS status!

The Secretary of Homeland Security may designate a foreign country for Temporary Protected Status due to conditions in the country that temporarily prevent its nationals from returning safely, or under certain circumstances where the government is unable to handle their return. This status permits people who are citizens of those countries experiencing abnormal or extraordinary conditions such as armed conflict, state-imposed terror, natural disasters and more can legally stay in America without fear of legal consequences.

The DHS Secretary can designate a country for Temporary Protected Status if the current conditions in that country meet certain extraordinary and temporary requirements. These include ongoing armed conflict, an environmental disaster such as an earthquake or hurricane, or epidemics like Ebola virus disease. Individuals from countries with TPS will receive authorization to work legally in the US regardless of their immigration status and won't be subject to deportation during this time period-- they'll also get permission to travel outside the United States without any complications."

When granted Temporary Protected Status (TPS), an individual can't be detained by immigration officials for his or her immigration status in the United States. However, if you register for TPS, you are not prevented from doing any of these other things:

  • Applying for a nonimmigrant visa
  • Filing to adjust your status based on an immigrant petition
  • Collecting immigration benefits or protection

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